School Sports Injury Claims

Schools have a duty to take care of the health and safety of their students whilst they are in their care.  Schools must ensure that children are given the level of care and supervision depending on their age.  Schools also have a duty to maintain walkways, buildings, play equipment as well as playgrounds.  If they fail and if a child sustains injuries, they school can he held responsible.

There are certain dangers that may be obvious to an adult and not to a curious child.  Therefore, it is essential that schools take extra care to prevent children from getting involved in accidents.

Accidents when playing sports are fairly common.  Every year, a large number of injury claims are made by parents whose children have suffered injuries whilst playing sports in school.

Sports facilities in schools must be safe to use.  If a child has been injured whilst playing sport in school, the school can be held responsible and may be liable to pay compensation to the injured child.

Some of the common types of school sports injury claims arise out of:

  • Slips and trips in the school playground due to uneven surfaces, slippery surfaces, etc
  • Injuries caused by defective play equipment
  • Carrying heavy sports equipment and objects without adequate training and supervision
  • Injuries caused in competitive sporting accidents
  • Climbing frame accidents

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