Nursery Accident Claims

Due to the playful nature of younger children and curiosity of their surrounding, they are more likely to get involved in accidents and sustain injuries than adults.  Accidents in nurseries are quite common.  But, the good thing is that most of the accidents that happen in nurseries result in minor injuries only such as bruises and cuts.  However, there are occasions when more serious accidents are caused which result in severe injuries.  In some cases, the blame can be attributed to negligence of the nursery.

If your child has been involved in a nursery accident and if it was due to negligence on the part of the nursery, you may be able to make nursery accident claims.

Nurseries have a duty of care towards the children.  Therefore, any kinds of accidents which results in injuries to children will be the responsibility of the nursery.

Some of the common types of nursery accidents for which compensation claims can be made include:

  • Slips, trips and falls on grounds caused by poorly maintained surfaces
  • Play accidents caused by inadequate supervision
  • Poorly maintained or defective equipment such as tables, chairs and toys
  • Food poisoning due to consuming unhygienic food in school

Making a nursery accident claim may sound daunting, but if your child has been hurt in school, it can lead to serious financial implications.  As a parent, you may have to take time off work which can cause loss of earnings.  Moreover, you will have to pay for your child’s treatment.  The compensation that you receive can help you secure your child’s future.

Making A Claim

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